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Please allow us a setting to remove the discover button.  It should not be the right most icon. that needs to be reserved for the 3 dots "settings"  Whats the point in allowing us to customize the bar if you start forcing buttons? Lastly it auto activates this feature when just mouse over.  I do not find anything useful about the discover feature nor the sidebar as a whole.  

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--disable-features=msUndersideButton This is now your best friend. Edit your shortcuts menu items ect to have this argument.

My primary system is PopOS, i was able to edit all the .desktop files and add this. Now any time I launch Stable, Beta or Dev the discover button is gone!!!

Credit goes to

Although i do have to say i was starting to get used to using Firefox again.

You can disable it by adding this registry key too


@tistou that is true for windows users.  However on Linux which is what I use and Mac there is no registry to edit.  

How about removing it from the Windows Search box?


Anyone have a method for that one?




Windows 11 22H2 build 22621.1778