Reasons for Supporting Touchscreen Page Turning Functionality Like Other Mobile Browsers

Copper Contributor

When browsing web pages on a mobile device, scrolling through the screen has two drawbacks:

  1. Scrolling takes time.
  2. After scrolling, your gaze needs to reorient to the content you were reading before, which also takes time.

Mobile browsers such as UC Browser, 360 Browser, and X Browser have implemented touchscreen page turning functionality. They recognize that most of the time spent in a browser is actually dedicated to reading. Touchscreen page turning improves efficiency and saves time. Just like all e-book applications, we find it essential to have touchscreen page turning. We cannot accept e-book applications without this feature. Additionally, many desktop browsers include or extend gesture-based page turning, mouse button-based page turning, and spacebar-based page turning. Therefore, we hope that you will support touchscreen page turning in the same way as other mobile browsers. It truly enhances user efficiency.

Attached are screenshots of the touchscreen page turning functionality in the other three browsers.

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