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Would be great to be able to generate strong passwords similarly to Chrome's "Suggest Password" feature (right-click on password fields).Annotation 2019-05-22 173558.png

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Thank you for the suggestion @igizotov.  We are looking for ways to ensure the security and privacy of our customers as they browse.  I will make sure the product team sees this suggestion.

@Elliot Kirk 


This is one of the very few things that's delaying my switch from Chrome to Edge: I would like to have a built-in password manager that can (1) sync across multiple devices, and (2) just work by magic, as long as I am using the browser profile associated with that MS account. 

Totally agree, same request from my side that are blocking my switch from Chrome to Edge.

Great idea :light_bulb: :thumbs_up: +1

@Elliot Kirk This would be amazing! I find myself bouncing back and forth between browsers and using the sync feature in edge to bring the password as an import. I so wish this feature was available. I've been using chrome for as long as I can remember and it is a great browser; however, the footprint of edge on resources is very luring. 

@igizotov  I agree, it definitely needs a password generator like Chrome has.

I cannot believe that its not among popular feedback requests. Password generator is must have tool in Chromium based browser. Generating strong passwords and way to access it remotely like from passwords.google.com is necessary. Already submited feedback more times...

@igizotovThe lack of this feature is actually the major reason I won't switch to Edge Chromium yet. Can't understand why this is not a feature already!

@Elliot Kirk Is there any news as to when this feature will be included?

I would love to see this feature in edge.

Can't believe it's taking them that long to add this feature. Making me go back to Chrome.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on this. Both efficiency and privacy are top-of-mind for the MS Edge team, especially with regard to passwords. I just checked in with our team again and confirmed that this feedback is indeed on their radar. In the meantime, here's an article from Elliot that provides some more detail and context. https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/articles/autofill-blog-2-password-security/m-p/963847


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Thanks for the update, looking forward to this being implemented.

@tallonzek Sure thing, happy to help! (And to clarify, at this time I can't definitively promise whether or not this exact feature will be implemented. However, I can confirm that the team has heard this feedback loud and clear, and is looking into it.)




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yes, this is something I would like to see as well

@Deleted just discovered this thread, any new updates?

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@hoppy1 Welcome to the MSFT Edge Insider community, and thanks for reaching out. Yes, I have good news for you: we recently launched Password generation! You can read the following, or check out the full announcement (screenshotted below) on our What's New page.


"When you're on a website that requires a new password, you can simply select new the password suggested by the browser. Password suggestions are strong, unique, and automatically saved in your profile's saved passwords... If you’re using Microsoft Edge on mobile and syncing your data, then the passwords you generated on your desktop will also be available on your mobile device."



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@Deleted Is there some reason why this feature doesn't appear in my settings or when I try to change my password? I'm running the current version of Edge.

@Deleted Nevermind. I figured it out. Needed to download Edge Dev.