problem with pdf rendering when HDR is active

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Hello, I have just updated to the latest Dev build -- Version (Official build) dev (64-bit) -- and it seems that all pdf files appear grayed out (the white of the pdf page is rendered in gray and the ink contrast is very low). The same issue was present on the previous Dev build. I suspect it is something related to HDR color, which I have enabled on my system.  

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Hi @v01d, can you try to reproduce the issue after disabling HDR color on your system?  Thanks - Elliot

Hey @Elliot Kirk, thanks for your reply. 

With HDR off everything looks good. I also noticed that while pdfs are grayed out with HDR on, taking a screen snip produces an image where everything is rendered correctly. 


@Elliot Kirk 

Hello just a brief update: I can still see the issue with the latest Edge Dev build, and it seem to affect flash content too.  


@Elliot Kirk I too have this issue. PDFs look great if HDR is disabled. As soon as I enable it, PDFs look terrible. This also affects print previews.


Version 80.0.361.56 (Official build) (64-bit)