Microsoft Edge Group Policy Suppress "Choose a look for new tabs" at First Run


Hello!  We're doing some initial testing with the new Microsoft Edge and we're looking at what Group Policies are available to configure the experience.  We'd really like to have a way to suppress when launching Edge for the first time you are presented with the "Choose a look for new tabs" wizard.  Thus far, none of the available policy settings look like they handle this, even the option to suppress the first run wizard.


We're opting to configure the new tab with a specific URL and not really using the default new tab experience anyway so this really does not get seen by our end users.



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@Jeffrey_Fronius ,


Thanks for reaching out! From your message I guess configuring and related new tab policies like did not help you out? Could you please let us know what policies you configured and how you configured them (maybe just a screenshot of about:policy page if that provides sufficient details)? In the meantime, I'll loop in the right contacts here.

I actually found this thread where it was acknowledged what I am looking to suppress through policy is to be included in Edge 80.


This is a link to the policy documentation where the setting is acknowledged, and it is stated as included in Edge 80.




Yep. E80 stable is the current target for this new policy.