Microsoft added Reader View in Edge Canary v75.0.133.0

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Microsoft has included a flag to enable Reader view in Edge Canary version, if you want to this it right now here, what you need to do:


1. Launch Edge Chromium

2. In the address bar copy-paste: Edge://flags and search "Microsoft Edge Reading View"

microsoft edge reading view.png



Using the drop-down change the settings from disabled to enabled.

3. Relaunch browser to apply the changes.


Now launch the web page which you want to read in Reading view and click on the Book icon available on the left side of address bar. This will instantly turn the web page in Reading view.


enable reading view microsoft edge.png


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Is it possible to modify aspect parameters like font, text size and width,...?
Not Yet, but the company will add these customization feature for sure :)

Great catch @vineydhiman.  Please remember that while behind a flag, features may not be complete or totally stable (especially in the Canary channel).  That said, let us know what you think!


@Elliot Kirk Yea, I'm totally aware of that. Even the Reader View feature is not fully ready at the moment. The customization features are still missing from the feature (The one avaiable in the classic Edge). 


And I hope developer will add those feature soon :)


@vineydhiman -- I tried it on a WaPo article and it looks nicer than the actual web page.