Latest Edge Canary build - problems with display the ebay website

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does anybody else have a problem with the ebay website not being displayed correctly? I have attached a screenshot.




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try clearing your cache

clearing browser cache does solve the problem. btw works fine.,,, ,

all these ebay sites don't work with canary right now.

Right now ebay works, Canary Version 91.0.831.0.
Just updated Canary to 91.0.834.0. works, doesn't.
Updated Canary to 91.0.836.0. works, doesn't.
Could you explain more about "site doesn't work?"
does it load but shows nothing? what exactly happens?
also using the feedback button on Edge is the best way to report this.
I have attached a screenshot with my original post. That's how these sites look like. Right now, with 91.0.837.0 works as expected.We'll see how long.
Oh sorry,
are you using tracking prevention on strict?

can you please try disabling all of your extensions and test those sites again?