Latest Edge Canary build lets you enable dark mode for websites

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You need to be on the latest version of Edge insider Canary

The flag was first added in Version 80.0.317.1


Then you have to head over to the edge://flags/ and Enable this flag:


Force Dark Mode for Web Contents

Automatically render all web contents using a dark theme. – Mac, Windows



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Here are the options it offers


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Here are how each one of those options effect web page appearances



Simple HSL-based Inversion


Simple HSL-based InversionSimple HSL-based Inversion





Simple CIELAB based Inversion


Simple CIELAB based InversionSimple CIELAB based Inversion





Simple RGB-based Inversion


Simple RGB-based InversionSimple RGB-based Inversion




Selective Image Inversion


Selective Image InversionSelective Image Inversion




Selective Inversion of non-image elements


Selective Inversion of non-image elementsSelective Inversion of non-image elements




Selective Inversion of Everything


Selective Inversion of EverythingSelective Inversion of Everything


Added advantage= No more white flash when opening NTP.

Well, seems I was wrong about that. No flash when opening NTP but it still happens when switching tabs.

I'm getting the same flash but it's black instead of white, my theme on Windows is dark and Edge is using system theme. force dark mode for websites flag is set to defaults



I've been using an extension* to do this for some time, so it's really good to have native functionality.


Not every page is fully provisioned for dark mode, though, so it is helpful to be able to turn it off for the current page. This was easy enough (a keyboard shortcut*) when using the extension; do you or anyone know if this is possible in Edge?



* allows Alt-Shift-2 to toggle dark mode on and off on the current page.

there is no shortcut available right now since it's only enabled through flags but you're right a shortcut needs to be made because forced dark mode is something that needs to be turned on/off quickly by user

@HotCakeX I've been really enjoying this feature - it does a great job of flipping all except images. Canary 338 removed the flag though ;( Did it go somewhere else? Dark mode for the header/tabs with white web pages looks awful.

sorry for the late reply, I'm checking now and it's available on 80.0.341.0 Canary.
Great news! Canary on ARM 64 is still giving me only .340 so I'll be patient :)
Oh I wasn't aware that the versions are not in sync :)
Does anyone know if they are planning to implement a dark mode option for the Android version?
No information is available yet