last suggestion for today: increase the size of box with all my extension.

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it should looks like the old chrome box, this mean at least 10-12x Y and not just 6x Y. otherwise we need to scroll to much if we have 200-400+ extensions installed. 


thank you. wish you a good day. ciao

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Not sure what "size of box" is but sending suggestions and feedbacks using the feedback button on Edge browser is a better option to track these ideas.
you can attach screenshots, record video of what you want or what you are having problem with using that feedback tool. (available on Dev and Canary for now)


From my experience with opera, apple, google, firefox, etc. not. until now all such brands have implemented 0 of maybe 600+ total suggestions, and even 0 of x once i spoke with google one chat support (where i sent the exact and new suggestions). so in such way there is no way to speak directly with devs and suggestion are just put in the trash. maybe with edge is different. since i found this website, i decided to write here and not to the feedback, so i'm sure i can avoid to write for nothing. 


plus is even faster to track suggestions from the same person.

Edge developers themselves said that the best way to send feedback is through Edge feedback button so they can track them properly.

Hello @edgesuggestions 

You can use both methods without problems
Even recommended to use both
Because one has direct access to the developers, but the community doesn’t have access
While in the other, access is not so direct, but it is visible for the community to discuss their idea

@eguif  i send to the senior edge designer, to the feedback, and other people my link to my profile yesterday and tomorrow. in such way i write only once. at the end i still would write in the same way if i send it via feedback, because if i need to post picture about my suggestions, i post it here. 


in this case the box 6xy was for me an obviously point, since a people that use edge should know about this box 6xy (i don't know how edge name it, especially because i use edge in german or italian). at the end if something is not clear i can post a picture, like i did. 


PS: still thanks for your suggestions.