Inactive tabs look disabled after recent update

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Edge 88.0.673.0

macOS 11.0.1


After a recent update, inactive tabs look disabled: text and icons look faint.

As a result, the names of inactive tabs are hard to read.

Strangely, it doesn't affect YouTube and Twitter tabs.


Please fix it and restore normal appearance of inactive tabs.


Thanks for your attention to the issue,




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@leobraun, you could contact the Edge team @ or send feedback (Ellipsis (...) -> Help and Feedback -> Send feedback).



Thanks, will do!

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the feature must be related to sleeping tabs, you can modify it here:



then using the feedback button on Edge you can submit your feedback straight to the developers, hope that helps



Ok I see. Thanks, you're right - it's the sleeping tabs.


Well I like the idea of sleeping tabs - but I still don't like them looking faded.


I turned it off for now. Will submit feedback to Microsoft.

You're welcome,
yes they do that, someone suggested to add a moon icon instead of turning tabs grey and I liked the idea, I also sent feedback for it :)