Hmmm game?

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Just curious: do you plan to include an 8-bits game when there is no internet connection (a T-Rex game-like)?


It's stupid, but I love it. It remembers me my C-64 :)

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Hi @sylvainrodrigue, Right now we are focusing on getting all of the rest of the features and bug fixes into the rpeview channels. Who knows though, once we finish that, if there is enough demand, maybe we will add some surprises.
No I don't like to include an 8-bits game without internet connection.

T-Rex game should support save games on Microsoft Edge to beat chrome's version!!

@sylvainrodrigue @Elliot Kirk 

Hi, Microsoft has added a game to Edge which is a lot cooler than expected!

Edge automatically offers to play it when Internet connection is lost but you can also play it with Internet if you go to this URL: edge://surf/


Gameplay video:


p.s it's currently available only on Edge version 82 onward