HDR videos unavailable on computers supporting HDR video streaming

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My laptop supports HDR video playback, but only that, out of the three options available in Windows 10, see below:
Annotation 2019-09-16 113349.pngThe old Edge has been supporting the playback of HDR YouTube videos on my computer.

However, Google Chrome hasn't and now the new Chromium based Edge doesn't support HDR YouTube videos (or any other HDR content for that matter) either.

Can you please look into this and implement HDR video streaming support into the new Edge similar to the way the old one worked?

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What's your Windows 10 version?
Google chrome previously had a flag called "-enable-HDR" but it's removed now because Google Chrome now officially supports HDR, if you happen to be using an older version of Chrome then you might wanna try enabling that flag manually.

as for Edge insider, on Canary there is no flag for HDR so i assume it's being supported by default..

I'm using Windows 10 1903, so the latest stable version. As far as I could understand, Chrome needs the WCG in apps support as well, and thus the new Chroium based Edge needs that as well. However that didn't use to be the case with the old Edge, as that could easily play HDR YouTube videos with only HDR video streaming support.
Yes i also assume app support is a requirement for browsers because they are an app. I'm not sure how classic Edge handled it but apparently Chromium is not compatible.
do you happen to know which piece of hardware in your laptop is the bottleneck ?

@HotCakeX I'm not sure which part is the bottleneck, but if I had to guess, I would say that it's the GPU. It's a laptop with integrated components:
- CPU: Intel Core i7-7600U
- GPU: Intel HD Graphics 620

- Display: integrated HDR capable display


However the old Edge could clearly do HDR streaming and thus I consider this a regression. It would be great if the new Edge team brought the necessary changes to the new browser.



Hi ! Same as you, HDR videos didn't work on the new Edge Chromium (beta channel

Didn't work too on Google Chrome 78.0.3904.70

Work fine on the "old" Edge 44.18362.387.0


So this is a regression !




My computer is Dell XPS 7390 2-in-1 with Intel Core i7-1065G7 and HDR panel Dolby Vision enabled.

Windows 10 1903 with latest updates and drivers.


What I see in Edge :



What I see in Edge Chromium :



What I see in Google Chrome :


On my son's brand new HP Spectre X360 13 inch with 4k OLED display, it support ALL HD Color settings including Stream HDR video, Play HDR games and apps, and use WCG apps.  


On Edge Classic, youtube 4k HDR 60fps video can be play properly. 


On Edge Chromium and Chrome, even though there is option to play same 4K HDR 60fps video, it can't play smoothly and the Intel 10 Gen i7-1065G7 max out 100%.  Again, the Edge Classic works properly.  

@betaelmer I'm on a i5 6600k @4.6ghz and i have the same issue as you do. As soon as i start to play videos a 4k60 HDR the cpu max out and the gpu ( RX580) estays at 30%. The video drops a lot of frames. I've read that only 7th gen and above suport HDR so i thought that was the reason for my computer to no be able to play it. But you are telling me that your 10th gen intel is doing the same. That makes me wonder if the problem has to do with the browser. I can play videos at 2k but not above that. Let me know if you find something. Thank you.