Having problem signing into outlook mail web version

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I'm trying to load my emails on web version on my personal laptop and it loads and gets stuck.


I've tried resetting my password, logging out from all devices and retrying to sign in, i've tried using the app version but it does not allow me to send emails (i'm assuming since i don't pay for any microsoft products its a limited verison). I've tried logging in on my work laptop and i get the same issue. Logging in on my mobile using the outlook app works fine however.


Below is a screenshot of the loading screen it gets stuck on, i've tried leaving the page to load but after leaving it for 3 hours it does not ever load


Very odd problem and i can't find a forum online or seen anyone report the same issue so i'm a bit stuck as to what to try next 



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Try disabling the browser extensions one by one to see which one is causing the conflicting error.

doesn't fix unfortunately - i'm having this issue on all desktop computers & laptops. Tested my personal laptop, work laptop, parents desktop & friends desktop same issue


Try searching- support Microsoft  Can't send or receive email in Outlook.com