Global profile configuration on Linux?

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In our company I'm evaluating MS Edge @ Linux and wondering, if there is a way to prepare a globla Preference/config file for all users that are using this workstation. On Windows, we rolled out a config where we can prohibit some functionalities the user is not able to overwrite. Is this also possible right now on the Linux version? If not, is it planned in future? If not, is there a process where I could place this RFC?





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Any idea how to configure a global configuration?
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Finally I got it to work under Linux. After reading tons of Google Chrome and Chromium docs, I could transfer it to MS Edge :)

I assume this is still experimental and not supported by Microsoft.
For all who need that possibility, here is the solution:

1. create the needed directories /managed & /recommended
# mkdir -p /etc/opt/edge/policies/managed /etc/opt/edge/policies/recommended

2. Make sure that the files under /managed are not writable by non-admin users; otherwise, they could just overwrite your policies to get the configuration they want!
# chmod -w /etc/opt/edge/policies/managed /etc/opt/edge/policies/recommended

3. Place your setting in a *.json file into the directory /managed, e.g.
=> # cat MSEDGE-GLOBAL.json
// Enable Microsoft Edge to save user passwords.
// If you enable this policy, users can save their passwords in Microsoft Edge. The next time they visit the site, Microsoft Edge will enter the password automatically.
// If you disable this policy, users can't save new passwords, but they can still use previously saved passwords.
// If you enable or disable this policy, users can't change or override it in Microsoft Edge. If you don't configure it, users can save passwords, as well as turn this feature off.

"PasswordManagerEnabled": false,

4. In the directory /recommended, settings could be placed, which will be set by default, but could be overwritten by the users.

5. start the MS Edge browser and check your personal settings.
which flavors did you try this on?
I'm interested in playing with this on my distro's
Many thanks @Rebel2k, solution confirmed on Mint 20.2 (Edge 106.0.1370.47).



Thank you, I was able to use these instructions to turn off the obnoxious new "Discover" feature added to Edge on my Steam Deck.


These instructions work even for the flatpak-installed version of Edge you have to use on that device.


For anyone else who ends up here as a result of trying to figure out a way to remove the Discover button -- The policy name you're looking for is "HubsSidebarEnabled"