[FIXED] Immersive Reader page background color not showing in Print output or preview

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Reading View (Immersive Reader) mode


you can now print your web pages and articles after you strip them and remove all the clutters and distractions from them.


this is how printing from Immersive reader mode looked like 1.5 month ago. (in Print preview, the page background color is visible but it won't be printed in the output file)


InkedAnnotation 2019-08-24 020134_LI.jpg




and here is how printing from Immersive reader mode looks like Now (page theme is missing)


Annotation 2019-10-09 013155.png



(I chose the black background with white text but the print preview only shows it in white background and it doesn't get printed in the print output file either)


Annotation 2019-10-09 014215.png


my print options:


Annotation 2019-10-09 014258.png


This is happening in Edge insider Canary Version (Official build) canary (64-bit).


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@HotCakeX Yay! I can stop reporting this as well - now my OneNote saves will be a lot cleaner.

Don't know if I'd want to print a dark background when you have background checked - that would use a heck of a lot of toner :). Maybe they're protecting you? :)

Yeah haha
for physical printing sure should set it to white or yellowish color but i usually print it as PDF so black with withe text color would look better when i read it later, specially at nights :)
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Hey there @Robin Nilsson 


Just wanna give a heads up and an update to this post that now, in Edge version 81.0.396.0 canary, it works. so you print exactly what you see :)








You can get rid of the margins too from the print settings. this is more pleasant now to save it on OneNote :)

! Hot d*m*! It does - thanks for pointing it out, I haven't checked in awhile... works great saving to OneNote. Even works OK on stable Edge too.