Feature Suggestion for Chromium Edge: Ability to Set aside Tabs to be viewed later

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Hi Everyone,

I am sure that this has been asked several times in the past but if not, well here it is. One of the most impressive features of the old edge for me was its ability to allow you to put aside a group of tabs for later. This is something that allowed me as a student to work on different subjects without having to have several different tabs and windows open - keeping my workspace clutter free and more organized. So especially for students like me, this is a much-wanted feature for the new version of Edge.


Let me know what do you guys think of this idea and whether you would agree if this would be a well-recieved feature.


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If you rename this topic to its substance it may gain more readers. :) I think your suggestion is great. Meanwhile, try Session Buddy extension. It allows to preserve unneeded tabs as a session to open later, so you can close them for now. Another option is OneTab extension that sets all currently open tabs aside under a new OneTab group, while suspending them from RAM.

ABSOLUTELY! This is my FAVORITE feature from Edge and big reason I would use Edge instead of Chrome day-to-day. Would help me easily save multiple tabs web research and other work to come back at later time. Don't want to save as Favorites as usually temporary. Hate having so many tabs or browser windows open like I see so many other people do.

Absolutely this should in CE.  The comments made by readers of this article gives great reasons why.  Ignore the author.  He doesn't know what he's talking about.  https://www.windowscentral.com/6-things-were-hoping-see-new-chromium-powered-version-microsoft-edge

Agreed....however let's keep this discussion on the feature. That was the main purpose of this...to see what other think about this idea.

Tab management if really important to me and is the only reason that I use edge for majority of the my work flow. I used to be big on Firefox when it had the Tab Groups feature (which to date was the greatest tab solution created) but they end up tossing it a few years ago. I would really love to have tab aside back but if you want to do something awesome, take a shot of making FireFoxes old Tab Groups.  Firefox Tab Groups video from 7 years ago


The article talk about that feature to remove it because someone's don't use it and accidentally use it because click without seeing what is touching, but a better way is put that feature again maybe give users option to enable or disable it and all happy :) 

If they had "set these tabs aside" I'd have already switched to Chromium Edge. I'm holding out... I hate the idea of a new Edge that is less feature complete than the old one. Embarassing.

Meh. It's better than nothing, but as many mentioned in the other thread, it's got a long way to go to really replace set aside tabs. Needs a button on the top and an option to make them volatile. Those two would go a LONG way to making it a replacement.

Actually users asked Not to make them volatile as an improvement to the previous set aside tab feature in Edge legacy.