Feature Request: no admin rights request for update check in "Settings" and "About Microsoft Edge"

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Environment: Windows Server 2019 RDS Host

Microsoft Edge for Enterprise version: current production channel 111.0.1661.62

Microsoft Edge Update version:

Microsoft Edge is centrally configured per GPO to only update in the background.


Right now when an user opens the "Settings" page or the "About Microsoft Edge" page Microsoft Edge Update launches at least two requests for administrator permissions, often up to six or eight if the user tries to close them.


If an Administrator grants these requests then on the "About Microsoft Edge" page they get the following information as expected:
"Automatic updates are enabled on this device. Your organization disabled manual updates."
If those requests are denied the following message appears:
"An error occurred while checking for updates: We couldn't create that component (error code 3: 0x800704C7 -- system level)."


Requested Feature:

Microsoft Edge Update MUST stop this behavior. This is unbearable, especially for normal user accounts.
Neither should it request any administrator permissions nor should it check for new updates because updates are managed by the organization in that case.

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