[Feature Request] Advanced search engine control

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There's a chromium fork called Cent Browser, which have a feature that allow users to search for selected text in non-default search engines, by right-clicking and choose "Search other engines for" submenu.

Cent Browser's search submenuCent Browser's search submenu
I used to use this browser and changed to edge for a year, and every time I have to copy.the text and paste into the address bar to search with a specific SE. It'll make Edge more powerful if there's such a submenu in Edge, and a selector on the search sidebar, and if possible, a SE selector in address bar just like Firefox, as not everybody can memorize all SEs in their browser. It'll be even better if there's a hide option to hide some of the SEs from the submenu and selectors (still can be used by abbr. + Tab key).

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Cool, Edge could have this feature