Facing Issue Since 1 month Microsoft Edge Zoom

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Please resolve this issue ASAP this is giving Task i want to make my MS Edge Zoom Disable However But i need Help Imminently 

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can you explain more about your problem? add a screenshot?


the global zoom level setting is in here: edge://settings/appearance


the zoom level setting that you set for each website individually is here: edge://settings/content/zoomLevels

I Just Want To Make My Zoom Level Disable And Keep The Default Level on 100% Thats it @HotCakeX 

When I open Edge Browser i can zoom easily in or out with finger help i just want to make my Edge Zoom Disable so that people cannot play with my kiosk machine @HotCakeX 

i still can zoom in or out by used ctrl + but i want make it disable how to?

Can you use an extension?
like this:
or this:

because I can't find any settings in Edge to disable it, nor can I find a group policy for disabling zoom feature.