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What are your plans for Enterprise Mode? We have a fair amount of old apps that require IE. Will you continue to support Enterprise Mode? If you don't, we will switch to Chrome because they have the Legacy Browser Support add-in.

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Edge is now based off Chromium as such you can run Chrome extentions with the New MS Edge. you can install the Lagacy Browser Support to Edge from the chrome webstore, I just did so myself to verify but I dont know any sites to test it out with tbh.

This legacy stuff is ballastt and not needed in a New Modern fancy browser.
This is a good idea because we are still using IE because of the need to operate different IP cameras and DVRs.
New Edge (Chromium-base) could be solved this by integrating "IE Tab" add-on from google store.

@Thilo Langbein 

While I agree, in the real world there are still crappy old sites that require IE. We need to be able to bounce users over to those sites automatically.



Thanks for the idea. The LBS Chrome extension in Edge didn't work for me.

Thank you @Beau Mersereau, for your feedback. We will have more information on enterprise features coming soon.