'End' and 'Home' Buttons

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The 'end' and 'home' button have not been working on edge for weeks now.

It forces me to go about painfully scrolling, when it works normally on other browsers and everywhere.
Perhaps it has something to do with the fact it is almost always with the blinking text-selection mouse? I click a link or a button and the text-selection appears, and the end and home switch around that selecting that thing you interacted with instead of scrolling the page for me; even if it is a fresh page it acts like a tab selecting the first thing it can and then being useless around it.
The 'F12' button has for several weeks also being useless; 95% of the time nothing happens when you press it, and when it does it is some full two minutes later to open it. It is switch on there, but since the update on that it stopped working instead of any improvement.

Anyway, everyone knows the rubbish thing keeps updating with crap no one wants; every forced 'upgrade' is a downgrade. Holy sh...
Any information on if it is intension to just trash the scrolling experience of users or if they are working to fix that?

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