Enable sharing a webpage via Windows' default mail app (e.g. Outlook desktop app)

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Edge currently only supports sharing a webpage via the Windows Mail app.


The Share-button in Edge does not allow sharing a webpage via Windows' default mail client app.

(For example: Microsoft Outlook desktop version).


Please enable sharing webpages to Windows' default mail client app?

There are various 3rd party extensions which do this, so it must be possible to build this into the browser, I would assume.


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I have the same issue and am sending feedback. I see that opening email links in sites open Outlook if it is in the default windows, but it isn't working in the Outlook Desktop. It only seems to be working for Microsoft Store PWA apps.
this is something the Outlook team need to do, not Edge team.
Edge browser simply uses the Share functionality that Windows provided to it and Windows lists apps in the Share whose developers enabled this for those apps.
Thanks for this insight. I will add also this to the Outlook UserVoice, as you suggested.

I would suggest though that the Edge-team could talk to their colleagues "down the hallway" about this, as it would also benefit the user experience in Edge. Do you agree?
Yes, definitely, i'm sure their coordination is more helpful and can move things a lot faster :)
Hello Paul,

I would like to upvote it as well, can you give me the link to that feedback you sent on the UserVoice so I can upvote it and what category did you put it on?


Here is the link (note: it is awaiting moderator approval, since it's a new suggestion, so this link may not work until tomorrow or so):



I see the note on the page, will upvote tomorrow, thanks again :) 


Since this is the Windows Share option, it would be nice if you can send this through feedback hub on windows and share the link :)

This link does not work for me. Error: "your account doesn't have access to this feedback"

I see, how do I fix it? I dont' know how to do this sharing , first time.


still waiting for moderation approval,

if they are worried about links in the posts, they could just scan them automatically

I upvoted it,
the reason Paul_VC can't see it is because his account is not using Windows insider builds, that error message only means there is a mismatch between feedback submitter and feedback viewer's account, super annoying

I submitted a feedback for this problem, now put in a collection, needs more upvotes i guess

Let Insiders open feedback links of non-Insiders (and vise-versa) in Feedback Hub

I see, thanks for letting me know. I am actually not in a windows insider channel just the stable version.

It's now July 2021 and trying to share a web page in Edge still only offers the Mail app.
What is it going to take to allow Outlook to be on the list - it is a major component of Office 365 in case that has been overlooked!!!
One of the possibilities is my Recipe Keeper app which shows to me that whoever is in charge of this element of Edge doesn't fully comprehend what users need.

Microsoft has responsibility for both Outlook and Edge so given that this is July 2021 somebody should have sorted it by now.
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The latest build of Edge (Canary) now supports what I requested, see screenshot below.

Thanks Microsoft.



Thanks for this reassurance although I am still surprised that Microsoft has taken so long to get a grip of this!
I am using Dev so I now wait to see how long before I see the change.
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best response confirmed by Paul_VC (Steel Contributor)

The latest build of Edge (Canary) now supports what I requested, see screenshot below.

Thanks Microsoft.



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