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Does Edge allow Audio and Video files to be saved?I also find quite usefull to have a built-in torrent manager.So i have two points:

1.Would be great if i can download torrents without the hassle of any additional software, and manage my torrent downloads straight from Edge.

2.When i find a video or an audio which i want to save without the need  to use external programs, converters or extensions.The audio to automatically be saved in a separate file.


An example i can give is Torch.

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Yes you can save audio and video files.
it's the same as Google chrome. but of course some sites such as Twitter don't allow saving videos so you have to use a 3rd party website or downloader such as Jdownloader which downloads video and audio from any site (even paid ones) and it's free.

Torrent support is awesome but separating audio from video seems to be the job of video editors or video converters.