Dev Channel update to 115.0.1851.0 is live


Hello Insiders! Today, we are releasing build 115.0.1851.0 to the Dev channel, a minor update with fixes. Mobile is getting Dev 115.0.1850.0. For more details on the changes, check out the highlights below.


Continuing to deliver new AI innovation in Bing and Edge this week



Improved reliability:  

  • Fixed browser crash when using Picture-In-Picture.


Changed behavior: 

  • Fixed Define not working in right-click context menu and mini menu.
  • iOS:
    • Fixed Immersive Reader displaying a white screen.
  • WebView2:
    • Fixed CoreWebView2.Settings.HiddenPdfToolbarItems: When hidingBookmarks, Search and PageSelector the toolbar gets lost (#2866)
  • Enterprise:
    • Fixed unable to add event tickets to Apple Wallet on iOS.
    • Fixed unable to log back in after logging out.


See an issue that you think might be a bug? Remember to send that directly through the in-app feedback by heading to the ... menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback and include diagnostics so the team can investigate. 


Thanks again for sending us feedback and helping us improve our Insider builds.

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bonjour les cadors derniere version
mise a jour ce matin
Version 115.0.1851.0 (Version officielle) dev (64 bits)
Excellent work. Please fix the "Autofill saving everything no matter what" issue. I legit cannot use autofill if it's going to recommend information which was only relevant to a specific configuration of one site, and every day or so I'd have to delete like 150 autofill entries. It's ridiculous. Can you improve the autofill system to make it smarter? Thanks!

I know this can be a tricky problem because Autofill remembers forms as they are filled out, which could be different from one website to another. However, I think it is important for the Autofill system to take into account user preferences and identifying patterns in usage. For instance, if a user has used Autofill on multiple websites but only uses the same two or three fields on each website, then Autofill should automatically suggest those fields without having to remember all of the other information. Additionally, it would be great if Autofill could detect when a form is being filled out on a website multiple times and offer the same options each time. This would make it even easier for users to fill out forms quickly and accurately. Cheers.

@Guy  J'ai perdu windowns 10 et il m'ai impossible de de le réinstallé quoi faire

Hi @Eric_E

I've just installed on my ubuntu 22.04. There is bug on the close button, which appears an icon. Take a look below:


Captura de tela de 2023-05-22 20-22-21.png 

Nice, but please fix Collections for Edge Linux, it doesn't work at all, it doesn't even show up. The same applies to Workspaces. 


I am experiencing a persistent issue with Microsoft Edge Canary after enabling its new UI look. The specific problem is that the entire screen goes completely black, making the browser unusable. 

Due to the complete blackout in the browser, I am unable to access any in-app menus, hence preventing me from sending feedback through the regular channel.

That's why I am reporting this issue here, as I can't use the usual line of communication due to the problem described.


Here's a breakdown of the steps that led to the problem and the subsequent attempts at troubleshooting:

  1. I enabled the new UI look in Edge Canary.
  2. Subsequently, the entire interface turned completely black, rendering the browser non-functional.
  3. I attempted to remedy this issue by closing and reopening the browser multiple times, but the problem persisted.
  4. Further, I also tried repairing the application through the Control Panel in Windows, but this didn't alleviate the issue.

    Any suggestions to fix this problem would be very much appreciated. 

Best Regards,


Same here.


  • RTX-3070 Ti Laptop, Treiber 531.79
  • Edition Windows 11 Enterprise
    Version 22H2
    Installiert am ‎30.‎10.‎2022
    Betriebssystembuild 22624.1755
    Leistung Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22642.1000.0
  • Prozessor 12th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-12900H 2.50 GHz
    Installierter RAM 32,0 GB (31,7 GB verwendbar)
    Systemtyp 64-Bit-Betriebssystem, x64-basierter Prozessor

Same issue. Just updated and screen completely black. Re-install doesn't fix it. Unable to uninstall from Control Panel to attempt clean start. It tries to open Edge Canary when you attempt uninstall.
Windows 11 Preview Channel 25370.zn_release.230516-0802.

@Neo_Wil Thanks for reporting this. The engineering team is aware of this and working on a solution. The workaround is to append --disable-gpu command line flag in the Microsoft Edge Canary Shortcut Properties Target box.

I'm unable to recreate this problem. If you haven't already, please submit feedback from the browser with a screenshot and diagnostic data for our engineering team.
Thank you for your autofill suggestion. I recommend using the "Send Feedback" feature to ensure it reaches the relevant team for evaluation. It's the most effective way to provide feedback and help improve the browser.

@Eric_E Ok, I sent! 

--disable-gpu does not work for me
Thank you, Eric. This did work for me. It seems to be working close to normal with this setting.
I got an update for the Canary black window issue. Our engineers stated that this issue should now be resolved, so if you're using the command line flag --disable-gpu or disabled hardware acceleration setting as a workaround, you can now undo them. Please let us know if you're still experiencing this issue after doing so.