Clarification about upgrading from the old edge to the new edge

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I have a few questions:

1. How a user will get the new edge browser without downloading it manually? will it be installed with a service pack or windows update?

2. If the user had an extension installed on the old Edge browser, will it appear automatically in the new edge after its migrated from the old one (assuming it is in the new edge extension store)?
if so, how will it know which extension to install?  

3. Continuing the question above, if the extension in the old edge browser had some storage (local or sync) saved. Will it be migrated to the new edge browser after the new extension is installed there?


Thanks for the help!

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1. Windows update, if you are using Windows 10 RS4 (RedStone 4) (released in 2018) or later versions.
more info:

2. if the extension is available for both Edge classic and new Edge browser, and it is available for download on new Microsoft Edge extension store then it will be migrated automatically.
i tried it with Lastpass and Ublock origin and they both were automatically installed.

3. No, extension data will Not be migrated.

@HotCakeX thanks for the quick response!

2. how does it know which extension to install from the new edge extension store? when I will upload the extension to the new store will I have to connect it somehow?

3. Are you sure about it? the users will lose all the data saved in the extension?
can you pinpoint me to a location where its mentioned? 


You're welcome!

Yes it should know because in my case the new Edge chromium knew that i had ublock origin and lastpass in Edge classic so it installed them for me.

I can't find a documentation for it but you can see in your Edge insider browser that extension syncing is not enabled.
and here you can see it's planned for January, which doesn't mean planned for stable channel in January. at first it will come only to Canary channel and after few Months, once it's passed all the tests, it will eventually come to stable channel as well

Only the extension data that rely on Edge classic's sync servers, are the ones that can't be migrated. and the answer is simply because extension syncing is Not yet enabled in Edge chromium.
extensions that do Not rely on Edge classic's servers, such as Lastpass, where your password are saved on Lastpass's company servers, their data are usable on any platform.

Hi @HotCakeX I think I didnt explain my question correctly 

What I mean is that if in the classic edge browser my extension had storage under or, when the new edge browser is installed with my extension, will the extension have the data from the previous edge saved under or


Hmm..I'm not sure.

Edge classic and Microsoft extensions for it that are only available on Windows store supported syncing using "" and "" ?
that's new

@HotCakeX its an API of the extension you can save or get data:

in the classic edge it was and

Yes but Chrome stuff are not supported in Edge classic so I don't know how they can be migrated to the new Edge.
but try searching if you want and keep us posted

@HotCakeX its the same API basically, just its implemented differently for edge and chrome (or the new edge browser which is based on chromium).
What I meant was that if the data that is saved by these API's in the classic edge will be migrated to the new edge so I would be able to access it with the new API in the new edge

Yes I understood it before, but there is no documentation available or i can't find one atm