Can not disable remember PDF postion

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Edge can remember PDF postion, it's really great. But for me, it's kinda annoying beacause I have to open a lot of pdf and switch between those pdf files. 
I turned off that feature but it doesn't work. Edge still remember pdf postion and move to that postition when I open another pdf. 

I've searched but can't find a way to fix that. 

Does anyone have any idea?

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... Though it doesn't hurt me, I had sent feedback about this issue on 113.0.1773.0 canary(2023/04/01), and on 114.0.1789.0 canary(2023/04/12). Now 115.0.1851.0 canary still has this issue... Even though malfunctional feature is not odd nor rare for Edge.
Command-line option seems available for now.



Thanks for reporting this, I've confirmed the PDF feature team is aware of this issue and is currently investigating.