Bring Cortana integration back

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Having Cortana a right-click away in Old Edge is unbelievably useful. Using her to quickly do a search without opeing a new tab is just amazing.  askingCortana.png


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This is great feedback, thank you. Cortana has a dear place in my heart too. I will let the team that does search and our partners on Cortana know.
Totally agree!
Let them know that it needs to be back here and other places! Stop letting it die!
I'm sure they are planning to do it, Cortana is the core AI in Microsoft products now.
No Cortana, if you really want her, should be placed as optional extension.

@ej_6612I use this feature and find it useful. So I also would like the Ask Cortana option implemented.

Yes to the ease of use of right click and the ability to 'Ask Cortana' with a pinable flyout, since this is still Microsoft Edge and not Google Edge.
yes please bring it back

@ej_6612 YES! Bring back Cortana! Cortana was by far my favorite feature.

This is my biggest ask right now. As the OP writes, it's an incredibly powerful tool to have at your disposal.

@ej_6612 Yes, Please bring back Cortana!  I actually have been using the New Edge here over the old one consistently and like it but do miss Cortana as others do.  It would be nice if I could take this edge and make it default instead of the other.  If there is a way, Please teach me.  Thanks...

This is definitely one of the best features to add to the new Edge. +1

@Guardianwill You can do that on the settings page. Open the Windows settings and search for "Default apps" and the choose your preferred browser at the "Web browser" section...

I second the motion! Cortana integration was a big feature that motivated me to use Microsoft Edge over Google Chrome. Please ensure that this feature carries into Chromium based Edge, just like in the current Edge.

Yes, I also agree. Edge must always be kept in connection with Cortana.
Don't kill Cortana. And keep it unique to Windows products only



Yes, please bring this back. I came to rely on "Ask Cortana" a ton while doing technical research online. It was exceptionally user-friendly to simply highlight a word/set of words, right-click and get a fly-in with Cortana's search queries. I like this a *lot* better than just searching the web and opening a new tab... I already have plenty of tabs open all the time, thank you very much!


Please re-integrate Cortana into the new Edge. It wouldn't be a bad idea to bring Cortana to Edge on my Android, as well...

I'm missing this feature
@ej_6612 At least we have Sidebar Search now, but I loved Cortana.
at this point I don't think we're gonna see Cortana in Edge browser. Cortana in Windows 10 is very limited and lost many of its feature, and also Edge is a multiplatform browser now.