blob_storage folder

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What does the blob_storage folder cointain?

It's very large (about 4Gb), and so I would exclude it from the daily backup of my user profile.

Can I do it (exclude blob_storage folder) without jeopardize a possible restore of my user profile data?

Thank you.


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Can anybody help?



It's tough nut to crack. My folders are empty! I got two GNU/Edge with other profiles.




I've tried to find a clue using search forces but it's pointless. Or the two sources are shedding some light into the issue.


Introducing Blob storage in Azure IoT on the Edge 


This local blob storage is another way to persist data locally on the Edge.

 But it my be misleading. The second quote below, too.


What is Azure Blob Storage? 


Large amounts of unstructured object data, such as text or binary data can be stored with the help of Azure Blob storage service. You can also use Azure Blob storage to expose data publicly, or to store application data privately.

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