Better handling of links when there is more than one profile (continued)

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"Need for better handling of links when there is more than one profile" feedback is marked as completed, and there are couple of improvements

"Open link as" from context menu and default profile for external links are good additions, but still there is more room for simplifying life.


I would like to request more granular support for "profile for external links" which will be based on page URL.

So link that I clicked in Skype which is "" will use "Profile 1" and "" will use "Profile 2", other links use default setting.


In my case I have to access docs in SharePoint/OneDrive and other services (hi Teams) from web using different accounts.


With current implementation I hit "We're sorry, but can't be found in the directory." 50-60% of time.

There is no way I can easily open link with Profile 2 from this page and have to manually open Profile 2 window, return to app where I got the link, copy link only (differs from app to app) and only then I'll be able to access page.


Doesn't feel like there are benefits in comparison with having InPrivate window (except skipping few log-ins if you don't close inPrivate window often)

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@IllusionMH Thanks for reaching out and sharing that feedback! We're sorry to hear that you're hitting some snags with the profile switching feature. 


@Avi Vaid, do you and your team have any insights into this?


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 @Deleted @IllusionMH great feedback. We are planning to make improvements here to address the scenarios that you described. Thank you for the suggestions and the patience :) 

@Avi Vaid Awesome, thanks for the insight, Avi!


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

Thanks! This will help a lot.