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I'm a fan of the new downloading bar that looks more like Chrome and less like Edge (the Edge downloading bar was pretty innefficient because you could only see one download at a time). However, I feel like the bar is too cramped and doesn't use it's given space wisely.


When downloading, you get about 20 characters of the download title (pretty bad):




Not to mention it cuts the title so that it says something like LibreOffice... and then it attaches .msi which gives you LibreOffice....msi. I would love it if they could cut out one or two of those unnecessary periods.


And then you get a good-looking progress bar (no complaints there) with some tiny text telling us how much we've downloaded and how long is left:




Then, once the download is finished, we are left with the title and nothing else:




I can't help but feel like this whole thing is in need of help. After the file is done downloading, I want an easy-to-access button to open the file location and a button to delete it (if I knew it was a virus, or I didn't mean to download it, etc.). And while the file is downloading, I want nice reasonably sized icons to pause and cancel the download. Not to mention, canceled downloads should have a restart download button (for those of us who accidentally canceled, turned on our VPN, lost WiFi breifly, etc.).


Note that on completed downloads, it shows us a grayed out cancel button. This is completely unnecessary and I would love if this could be replaced with a delete file button.


Instead of all of this I have to click on the triple dots each time I want to do a normal operation (like opening the containing folder or pausing). Additionally I don't like that the bar disappears when you go to the downloads menu and then leave (I can understand it disappearing when you're at the page because it shows you it there, but when you go to another site I would like to see it again).


Lastly I think most of us tech enthusiasts love a good ol' download speed indicator and I hate having to go to the download tab to see it. I would love if that feature could be added right on the bar.


My solution would just be to make the bar slightly taller and each download a bit wider so we can squeeze a pause and cancel button, an open file location button, and download speed text.


Just to recap, here is each feature that I would like:

  1. More characters from the title of the download.
  2. Less periods in the shortened title.
  3. Download speed (i.e 3.4mb/s).
  4. Easy-to-access pause download button.
  5. Easy-to-access cancel download button.
  6. Easy-to-access open folder button on finished downloads.
  7. A delete file button that replaces the grayed out cancel button (found in the triple dots menu) on finished downloads.
  8. Reappearing download bar after exiting download page.
  9. A restart button on canceled downloads.


That's a lot of features but I feel like this will not just get edge to where most browsers are already (downloads-wise), but pull edge ahead feature and efficiency wise. Feel free to reply if you agree or think there's some other feature that should be added/taken away from the downloads bar.

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Everything you say is good to go except making the download bar taller and Reappearing download bar after exiting download page.

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Thank you for taking the time to write up this thorough and thoughtful feedback, @CyanCoding. I will give the people who work on the downloads features these suggestions.



Also user definied time after some items dissapear , like remove pictures from bar after xx seconds , apps after yy seconds etc.. and close bar after last download finished after zzz seconds