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I don't even know if this is the right forum, but I will give it a go... 


We are developing a software CRM where our companies using the software can register their customers in the system. In Edge, a new "feature" seems to have been introduced where the autofill overrides the values when opening a form that contains the customer information. 

For example, I open a customer card for customer "Carl Smith", then we have a form with this HTML (simplified): 
Firstname: <input type="text" name="firstname" value="Carl">

Lastname: <input type="text" name="lastname" value="Smith">


But instead of displaying Carl and Smith in those input fields, it puts my autofill content (my name) in the fields, i.e. overwriting the real values for this customer. This simply cannot be the indented behavior for autofill? Surely it should only prefill my values if the fields are empty? 


We have tried bypassing the autofill feature by putting autocomplete="new-password" on each input which seems to work for some, but not always. 


I have tried to search stackoverflow and similar forums to see if someone has had the same issue, but have not found anything... Is this a bug? When will it be fixed? 


/ Elin

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Did you ever find anything out more about this? I'm running into the same behavior with one of my web apps and customer the uses MS Edge. Every time he edits a user account his browser straight up replaces the users information with his and he doesn't notice and then saves the account with bad info. Its actually insane this is not talked about more.