Add an option to delete saved search engines in bulk


After using Edge insider for a while, a dozen search engines get listed in here: edge://settings/searchEngines

but there is no way to select them all and delete them, have to do it one by one. please add an option to delete all of them at once.


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@HotCakeX Cool idea, I'll pass this on to our Settings team.


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

I wondered why it add many of these that are not even search engine but websites that I may have used the search function like for example :

Yeah it basically adds any website that can run a search query inside itself to the list, would be good idea to have an option to stop that list from being populated in the first place
Search Engines inside of Edge are super helpful for me! I love using the tab feature to search and wish there was an ability to import/export them instead of having to go to each site again first before I can use it again when setting up a new browser. wish it was a synced feature even.