third 3rd party updates breake wsus sync

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I have analyzed (tested in lab multiple times) HP and Lenovo driver catalogs. Deployment of drivers and bios updates were quite succsessfull on multiple models, but next time I want to sync (even only to MS for next patch tuesday), my wsys sync is dead. Basically it goes to timeout. I think, these catalogs blow the wsus database or something. I had random success with indexing DB, but next time it is same story. I also had to rebuild entire SUP few times, but hey.. this is a LAB. Overall, I had 3 different times my SUP/WSUS died, after all I gave up using those vendor catalogs. This is sad, because the feature could be amazing!


Microsoft, could you do something about this? I have been reading from other forums that I am not the only one with this. 



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