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Success codes for MDT

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I'm currently updating MDT to 8540 and tackling a Windows 10 deployment.  In my research, I've seen a lot of articles that mention adding specific numbers to the Task Sequence area "Success Codes (suppress errors)".  They mostly reference the number "2" so MDT doesn't give an error after a reboot.  I'm looking to find a list of the success codes.  I've only come across "Error codes" in my searches, and none of those ever seem to match up.  Is there a published list of success codes anywhere?

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The error codes list for msiexec contains a few success codes as well: Most other installers simply use 0 for success, but since you can customize, a lot of vendors do. 


/ Johan

Thanks Johan,

I looked at the list.   I guess adding the number 2 would be a vendor specific code? 


Thanks for all the great articles too, they're a lifesaver! I think I have half your site bookmarked!!