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Hi Community Ninjas 


Everyone has one story to tell about the technical community in their entire tech life. Yes, I know when we start to think about any tech stories, then definitely we might come up with one big web series itself.



Image Source:  C# Corner MVP Board 


I have very good privilege & reputation in Microsoft tech communities because of my popular Microsoft tech articles. I have given my popular articles below.


Zero to Hero


During the initial time, I didn’t know how to write the articles in Microsoft communities but I actively participated in many of the tech forums like code project, C# Corner, and Stack Overflow . One day I happened to chat with a person ( Tadit dash ) online during my forum activity and he suggested me to write articles in tech communities. I thought it would be very helpful because I didn’t have any such IT contacts in my personal life or in my professional life. When we are in the beginner stage of the tech industry and getting such kind of opportunities are good enough to start our IT career. From my current experience, I may suggest writing technical articles in varies communities will lay a great foundation to your IT career. Let’s come to the point, I always believe research and development are required for any kind of new beginning. So, before writing my first article I referred to many more tech documents and watched lots of tech videos to understand how they are treating their audience or readers. Most preciously Microsoft MS build conference. This led me to write my first article in the tech community but unfortunately, the article was not enough to capture the reader's mindset. We need to identify our mistakes and improve ourselves to prove what we are in the tech industry. I have continuously written many new tech articles and got negative & positive feedbacks. Now I have written more than 50+ articles and received 3 million views around the world. I have learned a lot and slowly constructed my tech foundation in the tech communities. Also, I have worked with multiple companies in various technologies and I am currently concentrating on artificial intelligence as a chatbot developer. Yes, till now I have won 7 consecutive MVP awards from C# corner, MVB award from DZone, standing in MSDN top 10th ranks in the world, and more than 91 contributors' awards from the Microsoft TechNet wiki community. Unfortunately, I don’t have any Microsoft MVP award but one day I will achieve it. So don’t give up and try hard. 



I am very happy when I am getting an appreciation from most of the tech communities and tech authors from various regions around the world. Thank you, Ronen, Syed Shanu, Kamlesh Kumar  for your wonderful support in the Microsoft tech communities. 


Register MS Build and learn more about the technology: MS Build 2022 

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Each technical contribution will teach you in depth knowledge about the technology :hearteyes: happy coding !! 






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