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At the Directions EMEA Partner conference this week in Lyon, France, Microsoft is announcing new additions to the AIM migration program. These include refreshed presales AIM assessments, new and updated cloud migration licensing offers, and a Business Central migration deployment offer for Microsoft Dynamics on-premises customers planning to move to the cloud. 


As a reminder, at Inspire in July, Microsoft announced AIM (Accelerate, Innovate, Move), a new campaign and offering that provides qualified on-premises business applications customers a tailored path to the cloud with access to migration advisors, expert business value and technology assessments, investment offers, tools and migration support.



New AIM assessments in the FY24 Partner Activities Program

Partners can now execute new AIM Migration Assessments as part of the FY24 Business Applications Partner Activities Program that went live on October 1, 2023. The AIM assessment allows partners to scope and showcase the value of migrating from Dynamics on-premises solutions to Dynamics 365 in the cloud. New additions to the program include:   

  1. Broader product reach: The AIM Migration Assessment is open to qualified Dynamics AX, CRM, NAV, GP, SL and Business Central on-premises customers. 
  2. Broader customer reach: A new fixed-fee offer allows partners to execute assessments to a broader set of customers, including SMB accounts.

Partners can find all details together with supporting documentation for the AIM migration activities on the Partner Hub. We released a new AIM migration assessment kit which includes a delivery guide, customer emails and flyers, and more. Partners can find more AIM assets on the Partner Hub migration page


New Dynamics Migration Offers

To support customers and partners in optimizing the ROI of a Dynamics 365 cloud migration project, Microsoft is launching and updating several licensing and deployment offers. 

  1. New AIM Dynamics 365 Business Central Migration Deployment offer: At Directions, Microsoft pre-announced a deployment offer for customers migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central. As an alternative to the Bridge to the Cloud 2 licensing offer, partners will receive a payout towards post-sales engagements to help accelerate their customers’ cloud go-live. This offer is expected to launch in January 2024 and will become part of the Business Applications Partner Activities Program at that time. More information with be shared with field and partners closer to the January launch.
  2. New CSP-EP to Online Business Central (CSP2BC) special transition offer: This offer features a 40% discount on annual term subscription for customers transitioning from active CSP-EP subscriptions in Legacy CSP to online Business Central in NCE partner-led (CSP). This special offer, that provides CSP-EP customers an advantageous transition path, is available as from November 1, 2023. For all terms, see https://aka.ms/csp2bct.
  3. Updated Bridge to the Cloud 2 (BTTC2) offer: Microsoft is updating the existing BTTC2 offer (40% discount during a 3-year term for eligible on-premises customers migrating to Dynamics). For all terms, see https://aka.ms/bttc2t) with these additions:
    • Customers with lapsed EP on AX2009, AX2012, NAV2009, and GP2010 (products beyond extended support end date) may utilize the BTTC2 offer with EP backpay limited to 1 year.
    • Additional (temporary) on-premises users during the migration are available at a discounted price.


New AIM Partner Marketing Campaigns

To support partners landing the urgency and benefit of moving to the cloud, Microsoft has delivered multiple AIM-related demand generation assets. The “Migrate and Modernize your ERP with Dynamics 365” campaign helps partners highlight their expertise in migration, as well as the ability of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to solve customers’ unique business challenges and accelerate growth. The same campaign is available in the Digital Marketing Content (DMC) On-Demand platform. This option provides an out-of-the box, 6-week campaign including pre-written social copy, emails, and blog posts. For Business Central for SMB customers, Microsoft has a tailored campaign available on the DMC platform. New AIM-specific assets will be added to the Business Central campaign in December.


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