Automatic conversion of your existing Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max campaigns
Published May 07 2024 01:32 PM 955 Views

In March 2024, we announced the global availability of Microsoft Advertising’s Performance Max (PMax). This campaign type enables you to leverage real-time AI for your campaign management—from asset creation to finding the right audience to bring you more results. 


Starting in August, we plan on automatically converting all your existing Smart Shopping campaigns to Performance Max campaigns. Your setup, reporting, and performance history will remain unchanged after this transition. Once your Performance Max campaign is running, there's an initial learning period where our AI will continue to optimize your campaign in real time.


After we convert your Smart Shopping campaign, you can manage it as usual in PMax:  


  • Listing groups (formerly known as product groups) with product feeds 
  • Maximize conversions or maximize conversion value bid strategy 
  • Support for local inventory ads 
  • Product ad-related reporting 


If you try to create a new Smart shopping campaign after deprecation, you will receive the error code SmartShoppingCampaignCreationNotSupported. Please create a Performance Max campaign instead. 

If you’d like to upgrade your Smart shopping campaign to Performance Max earlier, select Edit > Upgrade to Performance Max. 


Contact your account team or Microsoft Advertising support if you have any questions about this update.

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