Unable to use the Keyvault Module

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I tried to follow the tutorial for Key Rotation in KeyVault, but I'm unable to use the module in Azure Automation : when I try to Import this module, it says I need the AzureRMProfile module, but I already updated it a few minutes before ! Did I miss something, or is this a bug in the plateforme ?

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You need to update the modules, the AzureRM.Profile needs to be on 4.3.0 or greater for the Key Vault module.





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Actually, the module AzureRM.Profile is already updated on 4.3.1... that's why I don't understand. Looks like a beug :(


The section you are looking at tells you that the latest is 4.3.1 but you might have not updated it on your Automation Account.


You need to click on the 'Update Azure Module' as shown in my previous screenshot and confirm the module on that page is on 4.3.1.  The update might take 15 - 20 minutes.