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Hi Team,

I am trying to implement MFA using custom policy in Azure b2C and want to enable it for email, phone and TOTP mode.

During sign up, after user creation I can provide a radio button to choose from 3 options.
But there is requirement that if user choose one option (email) , but after moving to next screen user should be able to go back and choose another method.

Is there a possibility to implement this in a custom policy?

Also in subsequent logins if users has registered for both email and phone, is there any way to provide  "Try another method" ("Sign in another way") if they do not have access to their phone to receive the sms code.

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Are you saying the flow of MFA register? 

yes .. requirement is during sign up we should show user 3 options of MFA to choose from
Auth App
Once user select an option e.g. "Auth App" and click continue on next screen there should be "Back" button so that user can come back to previous screen and choose another option