Sneak Peek - PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell

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At BUILD 2017, we announced the preview of Azure Cloud Shell which supports the Bash shell. As showcased by Corey Sanders, we are adding PowerShell support to Azure Cloud Shell, which gives you a choice of shell to get work done.


The PowerShell experience will provide the same benefits as the Bash shell in Azure Cloud Shell:

  • Get authenticated shell access to Azure from virtually anywhere.
  • Use common tools and programming languages in a shell that’s updated and maintained by Microsoft.
  • Persist your files across sessions in attached Azure File storage.

Additionally, the PowerShell experience will provide:

  • Azure namespace capability to let you easily discover and navigate all Azure resources.




Read about it on the Azure blog.

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When will i be noticed if my request for the preview will be accepted?

best response confirmed by Daniel Martins (Microsoft)

Hi Stephan,


Thanks for your interested in PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell.


We have started a soft role out and expect that by end of June, we will have all the customers enabled for PowerShell in Cloud Shell.