Self Hosted Devops Agent Limits

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Recently one of my developer reached out to me to find a way to speed up a software deployment we do once a week.  This deployment hits 3 servers in our self hosted environment: a large SQL server, and 2 front end servers.  The deployment pipeline goes through about 50+ parallel stages on the SQL server so we had 12 agents on the SQL server.  The SQL server has 16 cores currently.  Last week I increased it to 15 agents and we saw about 12% improvement in speed to complete the pipeline.  We are still seeing the lack of agents being the major bottleneck here and are looking to add more but we are concerned that going over 1 agent per core will likely make it slower or cause problems with the deployment.  The only documentation I have found that mentions a core to agent count is 24 cores and 4 agents on non hosted devops.  I reached out to MS support and they pointed me here as this is not break fix. 



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