Resources not visible in azure portal, but do exist

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I just signed up for Azure. So I'm using a vanilla environment as setup by MS after registration. 

I'm the only user (global admin) in my own tenant. Again haven't changed a thing from the default


Problem is when I try to create resources (regardless via portal or CLI or ARM) they are created. They exist, problem is they are not visible from the portal. 


If I click on "all resources": there are no resources (no filters applied)

If I change the view to "simplified view" my resources suddenly appear. 

They actually do exist as I can interact with them and show them via CLI (az resource list)


Somehow the portal denies their existence. Not only in regular views, but also in dropdowns options for ADF for instance. My storage/containers/blob exist, but they are not listed anywhere. 


I am at an utter loss, to the point it makes more sense to just cancel the azure subscription as it is unworkable. 


Any help/suggestions appreciated



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Were you able to see the resources using CLI? I doubting if resource were created!!.


Azure do takes sometimes to show the actual resources which are created recently.

 please try to logout and login from portal .





Yes they are created, I can use them, interact with them, just not see them in Azure portal.


So literally all resources in portal shows nothing, while az resource list shows all


It's the same for all services. So if would go to storage account, create a storage account, it is created, but I won't see it in the overview, but if I click the resources name from the provision log for instance I can access the storage account and use it, but it remains undetected in the overview of storage accounts. Also from adf for instance if I want to add the storage as a source,I can select my subscription, but the dropdown for storage will be empty as if none existing 



Hope you have  not set any filters that are filtering resources, please refer below image.Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 11.43.32 AM.png


If only it was that simple, but the problem seems to exist in Azure mysterious ways. 

This morning 12 hours after creating the resources, they are now also visible in the portal. It appears to be some weird issue on provisioning my new azure subscription or something like that. 


Below screenshots are taken with the same (and only user in my tenant) 


This screenshot was taken last night (clearly no filtering)



This was taken this morning (in between nothing has changed as I was asleep)

The only noticeable change I can see (apart from the resource shown) it that it now displays my account name next to the default directory 



This behavior's certainly is not in my azure certification training, so no clue what is happening here, but I'm glad I can move forward in my training 


Thanks for trying to help!