Resource URL for Azure Devops Release pipeline

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with the latest release of Service principal and/or Managed Identity integration with Azure Devops, we plan to trigger the REST API via Managed identity : 





 for which we need the Resource URL for the Release pipelines.

Resource url for which Job should acquire a token from AAD in order to access the service

No where in any documentation or links I am able to get the list of all Resource URLs. like for PowerBI it is :

Can someone help provide what is the Resource URL for Azure Devops Release pipeline? And is there any common site wherein you can get the values for all Azure/MSFT offerings

Below are the referenced Docs:

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This link still doesnt answer my query. My ask is what is the Resource URL for Devops Release pipeline for which we need to generate the token against?
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Any update on the request?

Hi @NandanHegde15 ,


Try using 499b84ac-1321-427f-aa17-267ca6975798  as Resource.


It's an oddly random value - you might have expected a recognisable URI.  And it's not easy to look up.  It is mentioned in some articles, such as Use Azure Active Directory service principals & managed identities - Azure DevOps | Microsoft Learn  (the second powershell query under "Can I use a service principal or managed identity with Azure CLI?" mentions it)

Hey, Thank you for the response . I did use the below values in Resource URI :

But everytime I am getting the below error :
pan class=\"error\">Microsoft Internet Explorer&#39;s Enhanced Security Configuration is currently enabled on your environment. This enhanced level of security prevents our web integration experiences from displaying or performing correctly. To continue with your operation please disable this configuration or contact your administrator.</span>\r\n </noscript&gt;\r\n

I am using system assigned Managed identity authentication.

For the same set up and access, PAT token auth is working fine. So what can be the issue?