Remove Distribution group from receiving azure health notification

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Good day all,


i have a distribution group happened to receiving default azure health alert sending to global administration. the alert setting is default setting, we didn't assign any other email address to receive it.

but it just happened suddenly that a distribution group received the alert without setting modified


can share any guide to remove the distribution group from receiving alert?

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Open Azure Monitor
Navigate to: Service Health
Check on: Health Alerts
Remove your distribution group, or change the alert to match.
Hi Luke Murray,

thanks for your replied, the alert setting is default value - "global admin" group.
let me provide more details:
"Group A" have members - MR.X , MR.Y & MR.Z
MR.X & MR.Y are assigned with Global Admin Roles.
When the alert sending notification to Global Admin Roles (MR.X & MR.Y)
it happened that "Group A" become the recipient.
but, MR.Z is no Global Admin and MR.Z received the alert because of "Group A"

it look like the system has determined that "Group A" is Global Admin, but apparently not all members are Global Admin in Group A but most them are.