Other Blockchain Developement Work

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I have been keeping track with the development work that is being done the on the Ethereum Blockchain.  However,  I was curious if you see Microsoft using or developing on any of the other blockchains such as Monero or Rootstock etc?

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Hi Patrick, we currently support various blockchain protocols in addition to Ethereum like Chain, R3 Corda, Quorum etc. and are working to add support for many more in the near future.

Thanks Sid. What time of framework and tools are being developed on Azure for developers to easily create DAPPS, compile, test and deploy contracts is Microsoft currenly working on or have available.


Anything similar to Consensus Truffle?

We already have visual studio support for Solidity (Ethereum) available and have plans to develop more tools and frameworks that improve the developer experience when creating DAPPS and interacting with the blockchain.  We have ideas and are evaluating the needs of the dev community in this space so please share ideas you have.