One of our offices is nit able to connect to Azure resources all of a sudden

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Very strange thing happened, last Thursday, suddenly our office was having with

Today, we can't open any resources related to Azure. We can ping the azure URLs, but looking at wireshark trying to open a TCP connection - we get no ACK back.

The office internet is working 100% - diagnosed the network entirely - went as far as trying to connect on a edge network device outside of the FWs and still no dice.

This includes


This isn't us trying to consume our own Azure setup - this goes for any and all devices in this specific office trying to hit anything hosted on azure (CDN, etc)

Tried opening up the sites on their IPs, everything.

As soon as we try to connect using a mobile hotspot instead of the LAN. Everything works.

Do Microsoft blacklist IPs perhaps? Anyone ever seen anything like this?

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Check you Azure status below URL base on your region, also Twitter which is the official channel, last but not least, raise a ticket to Microsoft to work together to locate the issue would suggest:


@Kidd_Ip Hey thanks - how do we raise a ticket with Microsoft? We have raised it on our Azure portal but that ends up with needing paid 'technical' support for our Azure portal. Which this wouldn't be - this cannot be a 'setting' on our instance.

Raising a ticket with Microsoft, especially for issues that aren't related to your specific Azure instance settings, can be navigated through a few channels. If you've encountered a scenario where your issue isn't related to technical settings within your Azure portal but still requires attention, here's how you can proceed:

1)Azure Support Plans: Typically, Azure provides different levels of support plans, including Developer, Standard, Professional Direct, and Premier. If you're seeing prompts for paid technical support, it likely means your current plan doesn't include the level of support you're seeking. However, if you believe your issue isn't related to the technical aspects of your service but perhaps is a billing or account issue, you should still be able to get assistance without a technical support plan.

2)Microsoft Q&A and Azure Forums: Before escalating to a support ticket, consider using Microsoft Q&A or Azure forums. These platforms are monitored by Microsoft employees, MVPs, and community members and can be helpful for a wide range of issues.

3)Billing and Subscription Management Support: If your issue is related to billing or subscription management, you should be able to get support without a paid technical support plan. Azure offers free support for billing and subscription-related inquiries.

4)Azure Service Health: If your issue is related to a service outage or performance degradation, check Azure Service Health in the Azure portal. This dashboard provides you with a personalized view of the health of your Azure services and regions, along with any incidents that might be impacting your resources.

5)Sales and Licensing Support: If your inquiry is related to sales or licensing, you can typically get support without a technical support plan. Microsoft offers resources and contact options for sales and licensing inquiries.

6)Contact Microsoft Support Directly: If the above options don't suit your needs, you can try contacting Microsoft support directly through their general support page. There are options for both technical and non-technical support, and you can specify that your issue is not related to an Azure service setting.

When you raise a ticket, be as detailed as possible about your issue, specifying that it's not related to the technical settings of your Azure instance but rather a broader concern or question. This clarification can help direct your query to the right support team within Microsoft.