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as much as i would love to use cmd prompt or power shell while my system was being "managed"shall we say by someone from microsoft whomever they may be they swapped out all my admin authority folders somehow even changed my permisions in most cases to read i cant even use file history to fix it everytime i tried going to microsoft conviently their system was unavailable or outa nowhere edge and bing telling me i need to connect to internet im offline when i know for a FACT computers still online and its working and all of this garbage always coincides with microsoft doing somrthing to my  computer ohh and i cant forget the subscription to office 365 personal that i paid  109 bucks for my acct says paid for and my account states right on it renewal in Sept. 2o22 but hey that why microsoft keeps taking my apps out of my computer i keep putting them back in well you know BECAUSE I BOUGHT AND PAID FOR THEM IN FULL and its deffinitly a microsoft tech that did this whatever they did to my computer with NO AUTHORITY to do so and as much fun as it is fighting with them on and on and on and them wrecking my computer they can FIX it now too and not with some steaming pile from githubs bins or the insiders,and as for Azure i did register your system wont accept pre paid cards nothing i can do and i repeatedly sent this back in response to said issue  from rep at Azure.  thank you very much for the experience microsoft i apreciate it  David John Bailey

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