Multidisk bacpac ?

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A couple of times now we have come across an issue where we created a .bacpac from an On Premises database, and trying to import it into an Azure database we get

"Could not load package. Multidisk ZIP format is not supported. Multidisk ZIP format is not supported."


Now we did find a workaround for this, but it's, to use an expression, "a bit of a faff".


And that said, I would be surprised if there wasn't some mechanism for creating a .bacpac that exceeds 4GB in size and that can successfully be imported into an Azure database. The corresponding database would be around 100GB in size which is not small but not "enormous" either.

Just as an additional piece of info: when we create the original .bacpac we need to unzip it, change the collation in the model.xml file and re-zip it. It's possible that something is going wrong with that process at the point where we re-zip it. Is it because the default "Send To" "Compressed (zipped) folder" uses a 32-bit zip format? Is there a way to zip it to a zip64 format, and would the import accept a .bacpac in zip64 format?


Is there a way to do this? Are we just not using the right tools for this job?

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