Migrating existing IoT Edge modules to the 0.2.0 template scaffolding


Just today I found out a new version of the Azure IoT Edge extension for VSCode is available. Amongst other changes like new commands, Microsoft also introduced a new folder structure and new files.


Microsoft also introduced a migration wizard for old modules.


This was a bit of a confusion. My first thoughts were that Microsoft offered migration from the old 1.1 modules (based on classes) to the new (Docker-based) modules.


But this migration is offered for previous built C# modules and IoT Edge Azure functions. Microsoft offers some documentation but let’s look at this migration in detail.


I have built and blogged about a C# Heartbeat module. Let’s migrate it.


Read the full article here



Three new files



Fill in the name of the repository image and version 



Pust the image into the cloud

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