Manual approval between steps in azure devops pipeline

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Hi All,


I need help to understand if there are any options to add a manual approval between 2 steps of Azure DevOps yml pipeline.


I am aware that we can add manual approval between jobs using 


- job: Wait_Validation
        displayName: Wait for Approval
          - WhatIf
        pool: server
        timeoutInMinutes: 4320 # job times out in 3 days
        - task: ManualValidation@0
          timeoutInMinutes: 1440 # task times out in 1 day
            notifyUsers: |
            instructions: 'Please validate the build configuration and resume'
            onTimeout: 'reject'

But our customer doesn't like multiple jobs and they want to add manual approvals between Step1 & Step2 of the Azure YML pipeline.


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Implementing manual approval between steps in an Azure DevOps pipeline adds a crucial layer of control and validation to the deployment process, enhancing security and reliability. This feature allows teams to ensure that critical changes are reviewed and approved before proceeding to the next stage, aligning with best practices for managing deployments.